Cripps Pink Apple

Varieties: Cripps Pink

This apple goes from a pastel pink colour to red, over a pale green background which gets blurred after some days.
With a perfect balance between the sweetness and sourness, it’s also known for its perfume.
Juicy and crunchy texture in the taste, it’s always mentioned as the favourite variety among the consumers.

Dimensions: 50x30x30 / 12
Weight approx. box: 18 kg.
Boxes per pallet:
ExportPal (1200×1000): 49/56

Dimensions: 60x40x16
Weight approx. box: 13 kg .
Boxes per pallet:
EuroPal (1000×800): 56
ExportPal (1200×1000): 70

The packaging described above is the common one. However, there is the chance to use other kind of packaging.

Marketing period: From December to May
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