Limonera Pear

Varieties: (Català) Llimonera

Sweet and juicy pear, with a rosy side, which is very appreciated as it is one of the first to be collected at the beginning of July.
Its shape is like a bulb; its skin is smooth and yellow over green background.
Its flesh is white and perfumed.

Dimensions: 50x30x9
Weight approx. box: 4 kg.
Boxes per pallet:
EuroPal (1000×800):132
ExportPal (1200×1000): 176
Carton or Wood

Dimensions: 50x30x21
Weight approx. box: 12 / 13 kg. granel
Boxes per pallet:
EuroPal (1000×800):60
ExportPal (1200×1000):80
Carton or Wood
Possibility: in bulk

The packaging described above is the common one. However, there is the chance to use other kind of packaging.

Marketing period: From July to October
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